OUR SCHEDULE:     MONDAY:     Music             (11:17-11:56)

                                                          Phys. Ed.        (1:19-1:58)


                                   TUESDAY:     Chorus           (11:17-11:56)


                                   WEDNESDAY: Library        (11:17-11:56)

                                                           Computers   (1:19-1:58)


                                   THURSDAY:    Phys. Ed.      (11:17-11:56)

                                                           Art              (1:19-1:58)

                                   FRIDAY:          Phys. Ed.     (11:17-11:56)


    LUNCH: Lunch is from 10:37-11:16 each day. Your child will be responsible for taking his/her lunch money to the cafeteria. PLEASE be sure to place the money/check (made out to ALES) in an envelope or baggie, labeled with his/her name. Also, please let the school know of any food allergies your child may have.