Math: Second Grade uses the New York State Math Modules. These sequential lessons cover all the second grade math skills in the Common Core. One of our primary goals is to have your child master addition and subtraction facts to 20. The students will have math homework during the week that corresponds to the Module we are covering. We also ask that you practice basic facts at home, as well.


    Reading/Language Arts: Your child will continue to grow as an independent reader this year. We will be implementing sequential reading, grammar and phonics lessons from Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) program. We will be also complete many writing projects throughout the year based on the skills that we are covering.


    Spelling: Each week, we will have a spelling test, usually on Fridays. The spelling list will be sent home every Friday in our weekly newsletter.


    Other: Social Studies, Map Skills, Science and Cursive will also be taught during the course of the year. You will be notified of what particular units we are working on through the weekly newsletter that will be sent home. Every other week, the students will also be learning about a famous person we call our C.O.W. (Celebrity of the Week).