CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT: Our classroom rules are introduced and explained during the first few days of school. They are worded so that the students see what they should do, rather than what they shouldn’t.


    1.    We always do our best.

    2.   We listen.

    3.   We share.

    4.   We work quietly.

    5.   We raise our hands.

    6.   We put our things away.


    We use a colored card system to monitor behavior. Everyone starts off the day on a green card. If a rule is broken, they change their card to yellow, which is a warning. A student may also change their card to yellow for not following a classroom procedure such as returning homework on time. If the behavior continues, the card is changed to blue, which means the student loses half of their playtime. If the behavior still continues, then the final color card is red which means the student loses all their playtime and the parents/guardians are notified. 


    GRADING POLICY: As I grade student papers, I will figure out a percentage grade based on the number of correct problems. Some assignments will be graded using a rubric, which assigns points based on certain criteria. Most of the rubrics I will be using will be based on a 3-point or 4-point scale. At the end of the quarter, I figure out an overall percentage grade based on their average and rubric scores. If you have internet access at home, you will be able to view your child’s grades at any time through the Parent Portal on PowerSchool which is on the school’s homepage. The main office can assist you with your ID and password if you did not already receive this information or you forget it during the year.