• The Importance of Practice!
          In order to be successful in playing any instrument it is important to set aside at least some time each day for practice.  Students are trying to develop control of the small muscles in their faces and/or hands.  It is just like lifting weights in the gym; if you don't do it on a regular basis you will never get the muscles strong enough to play well!  This is why a beginning brass player sounds like a beginner. The more practice, the stronger the muscle becomes and the more mature and better the individual will sound, not to mention being able to hit more notes!  Regular practice also helps with learning to read musical notation and remembering fingerings.  Just like learning to read words, if a child does not do a little every day he/she will never learn to read well. Fortunately, kids are given the opportunity to read/practice every day in school for thirteen years!  However, when learning to read music, we do not have the luxury of everyday practice in school, so we have to rely on home practice.  Remember, a little practice, even five minutes, is better than none!  
         In order to help keep an awareness of regular practice times, students are asked to keep a log of the amount of minutes they have practiced for the week.  Students are to turn in signed practice logs at the beginning of each lesson!  These logs may be found and printed from the list on the right side of this web page. They are also available from the teacher at the conclusion of a weekly lesson.  You can find more grade-specific information on each practice log with suggested practice times and goals!