• Allegany - Limestone

    Sixth Grade Band

    Grading System



                - Each student has one period of band three times a week for

                  42 minutes.


                - In addition to band, one 42-minute lesson per week will be

                  scheduled. This time will be on a rotating schedule.



                Grades are based on the following point system:


    Lesson Grades                       ………………………………..            60 points (60%)          

    Rehearsal Techniques           …………………………………            20 points (20%)

    Practice Logs                        …………..……………………             10 points (10%)

    Concert/Paper                       …………………………………           10 points (10%)




                In addition to band each student will be given one 42-minute lesson per week. At each lesson, students will be graded on the progress of his/her individual band parts, specific assignments of certain exercises, (lesson book material) and solo material (if preparing a solo). From these materials items, listed below will be assessed.  At the end of each semester, lesson grades will be averaged together and the outcome will count as 60% of the student's final grade.


    Tone – Quality, Control, Breath Support, Projection, Vibrato, Embouchure, Posture

    Intonation – Tuning, Tonality

    Technique – Tonguing, Facility, Flexibility

    Accuracy – Articulation, Accuracy of Notes and Rhythms, Steadiness of Rhythms, Pulse

    Interpretation – Dynamics, Style, Tempo, Phrasing, Expression, Artistry

    Scales & Sight Reading


                At each lesson students may play out of a lesson book. This material is specific to the individual instruments in the band and will introduce new technical information for the student musician.  A grade may be given after the student has performed the exercises. Students whom miss a lesson have one week after the time of the lesson to make up playing the lesson material. Lesson material is never excused unless there is a medical condition or an absence from school.



                A lesson is considered excused when a student is legally absent from school, ill (at school nurse/medical excuse) or the student has a test/lab scheduled during his/her lesson time. The latter of the two must be discussed with the director before the lesson time is to be considered excused. All excused lessons must be made up one week from the missed lesson time or one week from the arrival back to school from an illness.



                Students will be given and are expected to make up all excused lessons. This time is to be arranged by the student with the director's approval.



    Students will be observed and graded on the following during band rehearsal; eye contact, posture, general attention, entrances (cues), cut offs and releases, musicality, positive attitude, punctuality, and mannerisms conducive to learning. This will count 20% of the student’s final grade.



                In an effort to foster a student’s self awareness of practicing, students are asked to fill out practice logs which are to be turned in at their weekly lesson.  Specific required times are recommended on each log.  Students will be given credit for turning in the parent-signed logs regardless of the amount of minutes of practiced indicated on the log. The turning in of practice logs shall count as 10% of the marking period grade.



                Since the ultimate goal of the band is a successful concert and part of the student’s education is the performance of music, 10% of the student’s grade will be based on a final performance, the concert. The following will be observed: performance techniques, (not the actual right or wrong notes, unless played deliberately). If illness or an emergency arises, please contact the director as soon as possible.

                If such an event should occur and the student does not perform, a typed five-page report assigned by the director on an aspect of music may be substituted.




                To encourage students to perform more on their own, they may earn extra credit through a performance outside the normal band rehearsal/concerts.  If a student wishes to receive extra credit he/she needs to provide some outside verification of the performance.  A program or note from the organization's representative (priest/minister/choral master) will suffice.  Students may also receive extra credit for performing at one or more games with the Pep Band and/or Jazz Band.