Purchasing an Instrument
             It is important to note that there are a number of things to keep in mind when purchasing a instrument.  First and most important is the quality.  The brand name of the instrument is important today, as there are a number of newer companies out there that are producing cheaper instruments. These instruments look great and play ok by themselves!  The key word is by themselves!  Often when these instruments are mixed in the band setting the students find themselves sounding “out of tune”.  In an effort to cut costs, companies like these are less precise in manufacturing the instrument along with the materials of the instrument.  In many cases, the kids often find themselves playing the right fingerings but having almost an entire note difference in sound. That is to say they are playing the right note but the wrong note is sounding!   Not only is this discouraging to the individual student, but also to the others in Band, as it equally makes them sound bad.  Students learn from the first year the importance of tuning – the quality of the instrument is very important
             Some considerations for specific instruments are listed on the menu bar to the right.  Please feel free to print and/or review the information.  As always feel free to contact a music teacher at school for help or clarification ANY time!