• Ages and Stages: Fourth Grade
    Brought to you by the American School Counselor Association

    Is your nine-year-old on track?
    Below are some general development milestones to help you understand your child's progress over the school year.
    Keep in mind that every child is different and may not fit perfectly into this framework.

    Where They Are
    Nine is a time of general confusion for kids. Nine-year-olds:
    * Want to put some distance between themselves and adults, and may rebel against authority.
    * Need to be part of a group.
    * Seek independence.
    * Possess a high activity level.
    * Can express a wide range of emotions and verbalize easily.
    * Can empathize.
    * Can think independently and critically, but are tied to peer standards.
    * Begin to increase their sense of truthfulness.
    * Are typically not self-confident.

    Where They're Going

    School isn't just academics.
    Your child's teachers are also helping him/her grow socially.
    At nine-years-old, your child is learning how to make decisions and set standards.
    You can help by encouraging your child as he/she:

    * Begins making decisions.
    * Gains a greater sense of responsibility.
    * Sets personal standards.
    * Develops personal interests and abilities.
    * Develops social skills.
    * Learns to engage in group decision-making.