• Spanish 1 Syllabus Belwo:

    Course Description for Spanish I                                Mrs. KathleenM. Zeznick


    Students should demonstrate proficiency for Spanish I in thefollowing:  1. comprehend languageconsisting of simple vocabulary and structures in speaking with peers, familiaradults; 2. comprehend the main idea of more extended conversations with someunfamiliar vocabulary structures as well as cognates of English words; 3. callupon repetition, rephrasing, and nonverbal cues to derive or convey meaningfrom Spanish; 4. use appropriate strategies to initiate and engage in simpleconversations with more fluent or native speakers of the same age group,familiar adults, and providers of common public services; 5. understand themain idea and some details of simple informative materials written for nativespeakers; 6. compose short, informal notes, brief messages to exchangeinformation with members who speak Spanish. This course will also ensure students’ knowledge of the present andpreterite tenses, imperative, definite, indefinite articles, possessiveadjectives, pronouns (direct & indirect), among other grammar constructionsand vocabulary dealing with numbers 1-100, time, dates, weather,  pastimes, classes, home/house, sports,clothing, body, and professions.  Studentsshould also recognize some key cultural traits of the societies in whichSpanish is spoken.


    Prerequisites: Students in this Spanish I course have had previous instruction inSpanish in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. Upon completion of this course students will be prepared to studySpanish II.