• Course Description for Spanish 2

    Course Description for Spanish II                                       Mrs.Kathleen M. Zeznick 


    Students should demonstrate proficiency for Spanish II inthe following:  1. comprehend simpledialogue when speaking with peers, familiar adults, the main idea of extendedconversations/information from previously outlined plots; 2.  call upon repetition, re-phrasing, non-verbalclues and pattern drills to derive or convey meaning from Spanish; 3.  select vocabulary appropriate to topics suchas objects in daily living, places, feelings, nature, shops, employ simple andcompound sentences;  4.  use appropriate methods to initiate andengage in simple conversations with more fluent/native speakers, strangers, andproviders of public services  5. tounderstand details of informative materials written for the native speaker,compose notes and messages to exchange information with members of the targetculture  6.  knowledge of cultural traits andpatterns.  This course will also ensurestudents’ knowledge of verbs and tenses, including the present, preterite,imperfect, present perfect, pluperfect, future, and conditional tenses; theimperative; and the subjunctive.  Verbs,their tenses and forms, use are the main element of the Spanish II curriculum.



    Prerequisite for Spanish II: Students should successfully have completed a traditional high schoolSpanish I class.


    Textbook:  AvancemosDos  (McDougall Littell)