• Classroom Management—9/12


    Mrs. Kathleen M.Zeznick --Spanish


    1.      Students should be sittingin assigned seats for Spanish class, ready to work                                                      at the designated time for class to begin.


    2.      Students are required tobring their textbook, Avancemos 1 or Avancemos 2, a notebook,a writing utensil, spiral notecards,and other materials pertinent to the lesson with them to each class.  (Books should be covered with a brown paper bag.)


    3.      Students will be assigned homeworkafter every class.  This should becompleted on time.  Lateassignments will not receive full credit.


    4.      When a student is legallyexcused from school they must complete the required missed assignmentas soon as possible.  When possible thestudents should attain assignments previous to being absent (trips, fieldtrips, band lessons, etc.)  Students willinform teacher they have a band lesson BEFORE the lesson.


    5.      Gum should NOT be chewed during Spanish class as it interferes with thenecessary practice of speaking Spanish.


    6.      All student rules andregulations regarding school policy will be strictly enforced as to tardiness,cooperation with teacher, etc.


    Grading Policy


    1.      Students will receive gradesfor homework; tardy homework will be graded accordingly.


    2.      Notebooks will be gradedeach marking period, counting as a test grade.


    3.      Assignments, quizzes, notecards,and tests may be counted as one, two, or three grades depending on length ordifficulty of assignment. 


    4.      Assignments submitted at anytime other than the required time will be subject to an alternate gradingsystem.  (Late assignments will notreceive full credit.)


    5.      A Spanish project may beassigned and will represent two test grades. This is a long-term project to be completed outside of class.


    6.      Extra points may be givenfor “news” articles or other cultural information related to the Spanishcurriculum. A maximum number of points will be given.


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