Career Studies
     Interview Day is scheduled for May 20, 2020!

    NYS Standard for Career Development and Occupational Studies

    Allegany-Limestone Central High School Graduation Requirement


    Students will be required to use their school email as many of the assignments will be available online and emailed to the teacher when completed.

    It is recommended to save the following information to the flash drive in order to review and reflect on the data in the future.

    Required Components

    1)      Interest Inventory Report: This will be the report that is generated from Guidance Direct, a career and college exploration software program.

    2)      Career Plan: Overview describing your education and career goals with describing details on how you plan to accomplish this.

    3)      Letter of Recommendation: One from a teacher or school employee.

    4)      Letter of Recommendation:  One from a community member, (highly recommended). If this is not feasible, a second letter from a school employee is acceptable.

    5)      College visit or college field trip: Reflection essay required. If a college visit is done personally, a college official from admissions needs to sign off on your visit. At least one group field trip will be planned.

    6)      Community Service: 6 Hours to be completed in the semester you have Career Studies. Documentation required and turned into your teacher.

    7)      Cover Letter: will be done in English class. A copy will need to be made for your Career Studies portfolio.

    8)      Resume: a college resume will be completed in English class and a job resume will be completed in Career Studies. Students will need to email a copy of their college resume. This information will be used towards scholarships.  Further information will be provided during the second semester this year.

    9)      Employment Application: one written and one online.

         10)  Mock Interview  (Interview Day is scheduled for May 20, 2020).  Students will have the opportunity to interview with 2-4 professionals from the community and our alumni base.  In addition to the interview, students will receive quality feedback on their interview.  Students will follow-up with thank-you letters as appropriate.