•  Welcome to First Grade!

    The skills that have been worked on this year include:
    letter identification
    letter sounds
    vowels vs. consonants
    open vs. closed syllables
    voiced vs. unvoiced sounds
    phoneme segmentation
    initial, medial & final sounds
    sounding out & blending CV, VC, CVC, CVCE, CCVC, CVCC words
    spelling, grammar, punctuation rules
    sight word work
    reading simple sentences
    stringing sentences, reading passages
    basic comprehension strategies
    Focus Sounds/Skills Learned:
    short /a/
    short /a/ - followed by a nasal sound
    short /i/
    short /o/
    short /e/
    short /u/
    initial s-blends: sn, st, sp, sc/sk
    initial l-blends: fl, cl, gl, sl, bl
    initial r-blends: tr, dr, cr, pr, br
    initial e-letter blends: scr, spl, str, scr
    finial s-blends: -sp, -st, -sk
    final l & t-blends: -lt, -ld 
    final t-blends: -pt, -ct, -ft
    preconsonant nasal blends: -nd, -mp, -nt
    past tense (inflected -ed)
    initial digraphs: ch/sh, th/wh 
    final diagraphs: ch/sh. th/wh, ck
    FLOSS rule: ff, ll, ss & zz
    final /x/
    CVCe - /a/, /e/, /i/, /o/, /u/
    The skills that have been worked on this year include:
    oral counting
    number identification, using Number Stories
    number words
    basic number sense
    numerical sequencing
    ordinal numbers
    missing numbers
    quantity discrimination
    creating quantities, using 10-Frames
    place value, using 100-Number Chart
    addition & subtraction equations, using Number Bonds
    related facts & fact families, using Bar Models
    facts practice, using Sprints