•  Welcome to Second Grade!

    The skills that have been worked on this year include:
    vowels vs. consonants
    open vs. closed syllables
    voiced vs. unvoiced sounds
    phoneme segmentation
    initial, medial & final sounds
    sounding out & blending CV, VC, CVC, CVCE, CCVC, CVCC words
    spelling, grammar, punctuation rules
    sight word work
    reading sentences
    stringing sentences, reading passages
    comprehension strategies
    Focus Sounds/Skills Learned:
    consonant review
    short vowels: /a/, /e/, /i/, /o/, /u/
    r-controlled vowel: /ar/
    inflectional ending (suffix): -es (plural)
    past tense (inflected -ed)
    initial digraphs: ch/sh, th/wh
    final diagraphs: ch/sh. th/wh, ck
    final /k/
    final /v/
    consonant blend: /sl/
    /v/ v+e rule
    final /l/
    ** Below you will find a link to the Fry Word Lists.  After all of the Dloch Lists have been mastered, the Fry Lists should be focused on and practiced routinely in order to continue gains with reading fluency.  These words are all sight words and have to be learned through repeated exposure.
    The skills that have been worked on this year include:
    oral counting
    number identification, including double-digit
    number words
    number sense
    numerical sequencing/ordering
    ordinal numbers
    skip counting
    missing numbers
    quantity discrimination
    creating quantities, using 10-Frames
    place value, using 100-Number Chart
    addition strategies: counting on by 1, 2 & 3, doubles, using order & zero property
    addition & subtraction equations, using Number Bonds
    related facts & fact families, using Bar Models
    bar modeling, using Rekenreks
    facts practice, using Sprints