• What are Tiered Services?

    Tiered Services is a leveled-opportunity to meet the educational needs of each individual child, via differentiated instructional practices and research-based best practices.

    What are the letters you receive in the mail?
    There are four basic letters that you may receive regarding Tiered Services. The letters are sent through the U.S. Postal service.

    1. Tiered Service Entrance letter: This is a letter notifying you that your child will be receiving Tiered services inReading/ELA
    and/or Math.

    · The box at the top ofthe letter identifies the reason Tiered Services are being provided to yourchild.

    The gray shaded area identifies which tier of service the student is recieving.

    The center of the letter is a checklist of reading and math areas that arebeing addressed.

    · Below the checklist isthe amount of service the student will recieve. It tells you how many minutesper session and the number of days per week the child will receive services.

    · The gray boxes withchecklists toward the bottom of the page indicate how frequently the student isbeing progress monitored (measuring improvement through appropriate testing).In grades 3-5, Oral reading fluency is assessed using a one minute readingpassage to determine the correct number of words read from an unfamiliarpassage. The test is done individually.

    There is a place at the bottom of this form for parents/guardians to sign and return to the school. Weare required by law to maintain a signed copy of this letter on file. Signing the letter is NOT a request to have an evaluation by the Committee on Special Education (CSE).

    2. Change of Service--Increase letter: This letter informs parents/guardians that the student is not making the necessary gains in his or her interventions (evidenced through progress monitoring), so the intensity of the service provided is increasing.
    3. Change of Service--Decrease letter: This letter informs the parents/guardians that the student has made significant gains through the interventions (evidenced by progress monitoring), so the amount of service is decreasing.
    4.Tiered Service Exit letter: This letter alerts parents that a student has made sufficient gains, as evidenced through progress monitoring, and intervention is no longer necessary.