WORK FOR 4/27-5/6

    ASTRONOMY EXAM!!!!  Please answer the following questions Using the Color Red.  DUE DATE IS MAY 6

    Astronomy Take Home Exam



    Keep a look out for Castle Learning Assignments 

    Hi guys!! Please go to phschool.com You will see a box called web codes. put in cfb-5000. Pick one of the topics and write a short report or create a power point or some other project that you can turn in for a grade.  Let's try to have that done by wednesday of next week. March 25. 

    Astronomy 1 worksheet    the first page is blank, by pass that and go to the next two pages.  Please use all avaliable resources to answer these questions.  Hold on to this as I'm not ready to collect it yet.

    quick lab 1

     Send me your answers via email when you get them from the quick lab.



    use all available resources to answer these questions.  

    Astronomy 2 worksheet  

    Astronomy 3 Worksheet

    Astronomy 4 worksheet--Use this worksheet to write a short report that you turn in to me via e-mail if possible.


    Assignments for 4/20 due 4/27:

    1. go to PHschool.com use web code cfd-5032 answer the questions and submit.  https://spaceplace.nasa.gov/solar-activity/en/

    2.  open the attached file read the graph and answer the questions andsubmit. 

     graphing problem