This month the character trait we are focusing on is responsibility.  One definition of responsibility is the opportunity or ability to act independently and make decisions without authorization.  In education we hope to help students’ practice being responsible by modeling the trait ourselves.  When we take an active role in our own learning, in our jobs, in our lives, and are willing to be accountable for all that we do, we then are modeling for students what being responsible looks like.  We hope that we can help students become more responsible.  This will occur when students take an active role in their learning, are held accountable for their actions, can take ownership for their success, and continue to do what is right.  They can show responsibility by making choices and taking actions that are positive independently.  Responsibilty will help lead our students towards being better individuals for our school and community.

    I am confident that the everyday interactions your student has with the great people working at Allegany-Limestone Elementary School will help them grow into responsible people.    

    As we continue to focus on the bright spots, take care, and GO GATORS!

    Mrs. Meghan Janora

    Elementary Principal