• Hello! Sorry I am not here today. Your assignment for class is to work through Chapter 26 Section 2 from the textbook. On a separate, lined sheet of paper you need to: 

    • Define any terms bolded in the reading 
      • Rotation 
      • Revolution 
      • Perihelion 
      • Aphelion 
      • Equinox 
      • Solstice 
    • Answer questions 1 – 11 at the bottom of the chapter! 

    Ch 26 Sect 2 PDF

    Let's be smart about this. No printing it off. No working with partners. No cell phones. If you need a physical copy you can sign out a text book from my front cupboard (with the calculators).  


    Any extra time should be used for catch up on: 

    • Late/missing labs and pre-labs 
    • Pre-Lab # 38 
    • Bonus Assignment 


    Remember, no phones this period (or during lab!) The sub has a print out of any missing work. Thanks!!