• Directions: Due to the current state of school being postponed, this is your remote physical education class……. And yes, physical activity can occur anywhere, at any time, and you don’t even need equipment!

    Requirement:  This assignment is an extension of your physical education class.  Please refer to the bullet points below to understand what your assignment is and how you can be successful. 

    • You’re only responsible for this assignment on the school days, in which you have physical education class; your physical activity can occur at any time on these days.
    • Please complete 30 continuous minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity: i.e walking, hiking, static and dynamic exercise, riding a bike, jump rope, etc. Feel free to be creative- if it makes you active, it will count towards your grade.  
    • Once you have completed your 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity, please record (date, time and exercise) your activity via the options below:
      • Printable calendar (google template)
      • Notebook
      • Excel spreadsheet
      • Piece of paper    
    • This method of keeping track of your exercise equates to your physical education grade. If you complete your 30 minutes on your schedule PE day, you will receive full credit for this scheduled day. 
    • You must turn in your records (with your first, last name and class period) to your teacher.  This can be by e-mail to or on paper to the pick up point on Wednesdays.  
    • I will update twice a week with ideas for physical activity for the week.  These will just be suggestions if you're struggling with what to do, not requirements for the day.
    • Feel free to call with questions Ext. 2058 or email!