• Grading: Spanish 7 and Spanish I


    Your final grade for each quarter will be determined based upon the following: 

    Interpretive Tasks: 30%

    • What can be understood or identified when listening in target language?
    • What can be understood and identified when reading in target language?
    • What can be identified in written format focusing in target language?

     Interpersonal Tasks: 30%

    • What can be understood in target language and prompt an appropriate response?
    • What can be produced as appropriate responses or used to further develop an interaction between 2 or more people?
    • What can be communicated between 2 or more people in a spontaneous written format focusing on both receptive and productive language?

     Presentational Tasks: 30%

    • What can students prepare to share information?
    • What is planned out to be used to communicate focusing on productive/ expressive language?

     Class Participation: 10%

    • Please note: this class will involve much student participation. Students will be expected to participate in classroom speaking and listening activities and there will be partner work as well.

     Homework - I rarely give homework; instead, students work on many in-class activities, projects, and assignments.  If these tasks are not completed during class, students will be expected to complete the assignment for homework and handed in the next day.  

     Late Assignment Policy: Assignments will be due at the beginning of the period for full credit.  If you are absent and an assignment was due, a zero will be put into the gradebook until the assignment has been turned in to the teacher and then a grade will put into the gradebook.