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"At-Home" Instruction

Greetings, Families & Students -

     During this time of an altered educational setting for your kids, we ask that your family remain patient and positive.  Learning still moves forward, even though children pause going out to learn outside of the home.  The school district is trying its best to communicate details and provide for the basic needs of its students. We understand that without lesson manipulatives and equippment, it may be difficult to get PE mandates accomplished, so we'll be posting physical education activities on this webpage (under the "Home" tab, under the picture of our PE team...scroll down) that won't require many lesson props.  Please continue to check this site regularly, in order to get updated lessons and ideas to implement at home.  We encourage you to make the most of this time you have with your children, and enjoy learning while we are all living in a "paused" state. Please reach out to our team, if you have any questions about your PE curriculum.


Communication Contacts...

1. Mr.

(APE concerns only)

2. Mr.

3. Mr. Filbert...716-375-6600 ext. 4112

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