• I'll try and find different ways for you to get your PE time in for the week and I'll try and add some new ideas every week.

    Week #1

    The first is a YouTube channel I've used quite a bit myself, don't laugh, but I actually like Yoga.  I like to throw it in my routine on "rest" days.  For someone that doesn't know much about Yoga, like me, this is perfect.  There's also some meditation videos on the channel which I have not gotten into but they're there if you want it.  If you have a Roku, Firestick, or Smart TV this is pretty easy to throw up on the TV and follow along.  Stay healthy and enjoy!!  As always if you have any questions on anything just e-mail me.


    I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.  I got a lot of assignments last week, just remember they are due on Friday of every week based on the number of days you would have had PE that week.  Your idea for PE this week is to go to a park.  I believe al l the entry fees are waived at all the state parks including Allegany State Park.  There are a ton of paved trails by the lake for biking and walking.  There are a lot of hiking trails located all over the park as well.  One of my favorite spots in the park is the Art Roscoe Cross Country Skiing Trails.  It's great for hiking and mountain biking, if you don't mind a little mud.  If you can't get to the park just take a hike around town or down your road.  A lot of people were walking at the Bonas Trail for their assignment, another great idea.  I added a link to the state park for you to check out.  Have a great week and I look forward to seeing what you guys were up to this week.  


    Week #3

    I hope everyone is doing well.  My idea this week is aimed at athletes who are missing out on time to get with their coaches and work on their game.  I obsivous will lean this a little toward basketball since that's my wheelhouse.  I added a few YouTube channels with tons of videos on at home workouts to improve skill while you can't be in the gym.  The great part about basketball is all you need to work on things is a ball and a garage or basement or hardwood floor.  Elite Guard Training, Puresweat Basketball and Point Guard College are three resources I use quite a bit for player development.  I've added those to the link list as well as some links for other sports training.  Use this time to get better at something you struggle with and you will come out of our "quarentine" better.  Even if you aren't a basketball player these are still things you could do to fufill your 30 minute per PE day requirement.  Have a great week!


    Week #4


    Continue on with your at home PE work.  Feel free to use any of the ideas I've laid out the last couple weeks.  Please remember that your activity logs are due by e-mail to me on Friday.  Enjoy your week and whatever activities you choose for this week!  I'll have some new ideas next week.


    Week #5

    This week you will actually be rewarded for actually checking my website.  There's a documentary out on ESPN/ABC called "The Last Dance".  It's about the 97-98 Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan.  If you are a fan of basketball, or are one of those people that thinks Lebron is the greatest basketball player of all time, you need to watch this.  If you watch an episode of that it will count as ONE day of physical activity for the week.  You just have to provide me with a sentence or two summary of something that happened on the epidsode.  Again they are on ESPN or ABC at 9 PM on Sundays.  I attached a link for the trailer below.


    Week #6

    Hi everyone.  I hope everyone is doing well and staying active.  On physical activity logs I have seen a lot of weight lifting and HIIT workouts.  That's great!  Gains are all about keeping the body guessing for what it needs prepare itself for.  If you do the same lifts every week without changing the rep range or the exercises you will plateau.  There are all kinds of ways to make sure that doesn't happen.  Something you may want to think about adding to your repertoire is Cardio Acceleration.  I've attached a video that explains this in more detail than I can, but basically the idea is you take the "rest" time between sets when you're weight training and add a cardio exercise for 60 seconds.  This keep your heart rate up for the length of the work out and studies have shown it increases calorie burn while having a limited effect on strength during the workout.  One recommendation from me is that you don't use the same muscle group for the weight training exercise and cardio acceleration.  For example, if you are doing the incline bench press, your cardio acceleration should not fatigue your chest muscles.  Don't pick pushups but instead jump rope, stepups, jumping jacks, kettlebells swings, or running in place would all be good options.  If you are deadlifting, battle ropes, pushups, med ball throws, or crunches would all be good options.  Check out the video in the links for a more in depth explanation.  Have a great week!

    Week #7

    I've seen a lot of Yoga over the past couple weeks in your activity logs.  That's great!  If you're looking for more check out my first entry and the link that goes with it for some videos on YouTube.  We have another option for you in the Yoga department.  Our school has obtained a free membership to the Down Dog app.  If you sign up using your school e-mail (the one ending in  you will get a free trial through July.  If you use another e-mail it will only give you free access for 30 days.  Go to or download the app, Down Dog, for your phone.  Have a great week!

    Week #8

    Tabata workouts are the topic for the week.  I've been seeing some logs with HIIT training on them.  That stands for High Intensity Interval Training which would include Tabatas.  The purpose of these types of workouts is to alternate intense sessions of work with a built in short rest period.  Many people prefer this to steady state cardio which would be something like going out for a jog.  There are some pros and cons for both types of cardio.  The great thing about HIIT is that it can stimulate both the aerobic and anaerobic systems which will help your body perform better in all workouts.  So HIIT could actually improve your strength training whereas going for jogs will have no positive effect on any strength training.  Another great thing about HIIT is that it burns calories while your body is working to get back to normal after your workout.  This is called post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) sometimes referred to as afterburn.  Cardio Acceleration is another type of HIIT training which was covered in week 6.  There are some drawbacks to HIIT.  It is not for absolute beginners.  You will need a solid base of training before jumping into these types of workouts.  Another reason people stick with steady state cardio is that these workouts are uncomfortbale.  Your body has to work extremely hard for short bouts which some people don't enjoy.

    Tabatas following a repeated pattern of work and rest.  You can use any exercise you like and most do not require equipment.  You should always start with a warm-up to prevent injury, especially given the intensity of some of these workouts.  Therer are 8 sessions of work followed by 8 sessions of rest.  Sessions of work last 20 seconds followed by a 10 second rest.  You will do 8 rounds for most Tabatas.  That will give you a workout time of 4:00.  You can repeat the Tabata after a 1:00 break for as many rounds as you'd like.  The exercises used can vary based on your equipment or preference.  You could do 8 different exercises or 4 different exercises repeated twice or any combination to get you to 8 sessions.  I added a link for an example for you to try out or jump in and create your own.  Enjoy!




    Just a glossery of PE terms here for you to check out.  Some of these may show up on your final.  Thanks to Erin and Allyson Gomez for the suggestion!!


    PE Vocabulary