Lesson Assignments for Band 6 (For week of 3/23/20)

    Currently working on getting you your instruments from school with packets of music home for you to practice.

    In the meantime, assuming you have no instruments at home, please take a moment and listen to your band pieces at least once a day:  If you go to jwpepper.com and in the search box type in the name of the band piece you can listen to a recording of it!

    Tempest Band

    Grease Vinson

    To Soar with Eagles

    Lesson Assignments for Band 6 (Week of 3/30/20)

     I believe all of you now have your instruments home except for two of you.  If you do not please contact me ASAP at 375-6600 extension 2284 and let me know.  I will be e-mailing you guys through your school's e-mail account.  I will be sending lesson material that way. If you don't know how or what your e-mail address is, check the direction sheet I gave you when I dropped your instrument off at your house!  Start on the schools web page. Below the pictures is a round circle called e-mail, click it you may have to use your school's log in and your password to get in but once you click on it you should get into your e-mail.  Please check it each Monday for updates. If you are having difficulties with it please call me at the number above and let me know.

    There is also a spot on my web page that reads "Lesson Book Materials" find your instrument and click on it - you will find lesson materials from last year and this is where I will be posting new assignments in the future. You can print them out from there to use or just play off the computer screen. I would like all of you this week to work on the following lessons: 

    Flutes/Oboes = Lesson No. 5

    Trumpets/Clarinets = Lesson No. 3

    Saxophones = Lesson No. 4 through 

    Trombone/Tuba = Lesson No. 5

    Percussion = Lesson No. 1

    This should be fairly easy for you and review material!  If you just read each exercise (number) twice through to keep your chops in shape that will be great! It should only take you 5-6 minutes to do this a day! Remember, you may find this relaxing and want to do more, check out other lessons see what you remember from last year.  I will be posting new materials for you to practice here and telling you the numbers in an email. 

     Lesson Assignment for Band 6 (Week of 4/6/20)

    From last week's Lesson Book Materials  All of you will call me (follow directions sent in email on 4/2/20)  and play number 2 from your Lesson Material Page assigned last week (posted above)- It will be counted as a participation grade!

    New Lesson Book Materials for the following week will be assigned in that same email sent to you! 

    I Miss You guys!  Stay HEALTHY AND WASH YOUR HANDS

     Lesson Assignment for Band 6 (Week of 4/6/20 - 4/10/20)

    Call in and leave me a voice mail at school with you playing number 2 from last weeks assignment.

    Winds = Practice Lesson A this week  Percussion = Practice Lesson No. 2 & 3

    Stay Safe, Healthy, & Happy Bunny Day!

    Lesson Assignment for Band 6 ( Week of 4/13/20 - 4/17/20)

    Call in and leave Voice mail at school with you playing lesson A -winds and Percussion = Lesson 3 # 6

    Winds = Practice Lesson B  Percussion  = Lesson 4

    Lesson Assignment for Band 6 (week of 4/20/20-4/24/20

    Practcie Lesson C sent to you through e-mail & posted here under Lesson Book Material on this web site!  Call on your lesson day during this week and play Lesson B Michael Row the Boat Ashore on the phone. 375-6600 extention 2284

    Lesson Assignment for Band 6 (week of 4/27/20 -5/1/20)

    Practcie Lesson D sent to you through e-mail & posted here under lesson Book Material on this web site!  Call on your lesson day this week and play Lesson C on the phone.  375-6600 extention 2284   NEW this week!  There is a tab on my web site Marked "Play along with Fancher" check it out. On that page there is a review video called Lesson D - teaching which discussing counting and then a play along video marked Lesson D - Play along.  Put your headphones on or turn up the speaker and play through the lesson with me at least twice a day using Lesson D - Play along video or you can just do it on your own! Warning it may take a couple minutes for these videos to download on your computer so please be patient!  Enjoy the music!

    Lesson Assignment for Band 6 (week of 5/11/20 - 5/15/20)

    You should have played and called in Lessons A-D so far. If you have done that GREAT JOB!  Just review those lessons this week when you practice - you DO NOT need to call anything in this week.  If you owe any of those assignments (have not called it in) please call in on any day and play the missing assignments for me!