• September


    Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,


                In Library class we have reviewed the basic rules that I am expecting of students this year.

                1.  Walk in and sit down quietly.

                2.  Listen for directions.

                3.  Respect others.

                4.  Respect materials and property.

                5.  Demonstrate appropriate classroom behavior.

                6.  Say “I’ll try” instead of “I can’t.”


                Books are wonderful tools.  I hope that all students will remember to treat library materials like “treasures,” both in school and at home.  I look forward to helping them find library materials that will spark their imaginations, answer questions, help with homework, and make reading enjoyable.  We will also be working on a variety of lessons to help students learn to locate information and be independent library users.


                Students will return library books and materials on the day of their weekly School Library class.  Like any other class, students need to be prepared with appropriate materials for the learning time to be productive.  Being responsible for what they have borrowed, and returning things in a timely manner are life skills all students should be developing.  Students who have overdue materials will not be able to sign out additional items until the missing items are returned or paid for.  At the beginning of each month, I will send home notification for individual students who have overdue or damaged books, from the previous month, to let them know of the repair/replacement cost.  Please take care of this at this time. If you find a school library book at any time, please send it in to me, or your student’s teacher.  I will be happy to refund your money if you have already paid for it.  I would prefer to get books back anytime.  Thank you for your help in this matter.


                If a student is absent on the day of their Library class, they should return the books the next day they come to school.  They should also come to the Library the day they return to school, in order to sign out new books and find out what lesson they missed.  Please detach the reminder below and post it in a prominent place at home to help your student remember to return library materials on time.  Have a great year reading!





                                                                                        Mrs. Rosemarie Grainer

                                                                                        Allegany-Limestone Elementary Librarian