• Some interesting websites:
    Internet Safety Games from Google called BeInternetAwesome! 
    BeInternetAwesome! is a website with games on Internet safety developed by Google in coordination with other Internet safety organizations.  They include the Reality River to tell real from fake, Kind Kingdom to help be kind to others online and stop cyberbullying, Tower of Treasure on how to build a safe password and Mindful Mountain how to share things carefully. 
     Grade 3 Culture Project
    CultureGrams - This website allows you to search for information about many different countries.  You will need a username and password.  Please see or contact Mrs. Grainer for this if you need it.
    Grade 4 Mythology Project
                 Greek Mythology
    Ancient Greek Gods - Lists the gods and gives some information about them - by Mandy Barrow.
    Ancient Greek Gods for Kids - Clickable list of Greek and Roman names of gods that goes to basic information about the gods - by Mr. Donn - There are some ads in here, but the information is clear and readable.
    Ancient Greece - Gods - Basic information on the ancient Greeks and their mythology by Mandy Barrow.
    Greek Mythology for Kids - Clickable list of some Greek myths by Mr. Donn - There are some ads in here, but the information is clear and readable.
                 Roman Mythology
    Ancient Roman Gods - Clickable list of the Roman Gods by Mr. Donn - There are some ads in here, but the information is clear and readable.
    Roman Gods and Religion - Basic information about the Roman Gods - by Mandy Barrow.
    Roman Myths for Kids - Basic information about some Roman myths by Mr. Donn - There are some ads in here, but the information is clear and readable.
    For words that come from mythology, use:
    Grade 5 Almanac Project
    50 States - Discover interesting facts and figures about each of the 50 states.
    Factmonster Almanac - This is a "kid friendly" site with categories including people, world, sports, math, science, word wise and much more. Excellent site!
    Farmers Almanac - Want to know what the weather will be like a few months or even years from now? Check the Farmers Almanac to find out! 
    Guinness World Records website - This is a searchable website that shows many different world records.
    Information Please Almanac - An almanac containing information on people, sports, entertainment, science, history, etc. 
    Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids - One of America’s oldest almanacs now has a version for kids. Find information on weather, history, animals, and more! 

    ** Descriptions of these websites came from MyLMC Web Reference Links by William P. Breitsprecher - http://mylmcweb.com/reference.htm .  There are a ton of useful educational sites listed on this page and on his other pages.
    Dictionaries and Thesauri (used with Grades 2 - 5)
    I use the following websites for some of my library classes.
    Dictionary.com - This is a good basic dictionary website.  There is a word of the day to check out, as well as a thesaurus option if you need another word for something.  There are advertisements on here, but they are not too distracting.
    Learner's Dictionary.com - This is a great website by Merriam-Webster that provides kid-friendly definitions.  If you come across a word and the definition that is found or given is still confusing, use this site.  There are advertisements on the top and bottom that may get distracting, but the definitions are great.
    Merriam-Webster dictionary and thesaurus - This is a good website but there are a number of ads that may get annoying.

    MyLMCweb.com Reference sites - This is a very complete listing of good reference websites done by another school library media specialist.
    Wordhippo.com - This is a searchable website for words, their meanings, synonyms, antonyms, rhymes and much more. 
    Yourdictionary.com - A good dictionary website that claims to be the dictionary you can understand.  There are also ads on this website, but not as distracting as the ones on Merriam-Webster.com
    Science (for anyone interested in science)
    NASA - Everything you wanted to know about NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
    Weather WizKids - There are some advertisements here, but they are kid-friendly.  Do not go to the store unless you hae a parent with you.  The information and the experiments are really interesting.
    Zoom Dinosaurs at EnchantedLearning.com - You do not have to sign up and pay for Enchanted Learning to have access to the information and some of the worksheets or games.