• Welcome to Kindergarten
    Mrs. Buckley
    (716) 375-6600 extension 4100
    school bus
    Dear Families,
    Wow! I can't believe we are now giving ideas for teaching and learning through a computer.  Things are changing so rapidly, that it is very difficult for us to keep things clear.  I am thankful that I was able to get a hold of all my families, and I am looking forward to keeping in touch with you on a weekly basis.  I am also looking forward to FaceTiming the students so that I can see them, and they can see me.  I will be letting you know by preferred measure that you chose, what day I'd be FaceTiming as well as giving you a specific time.  That way you can let me know what you would prefer.  Remembere that my phone number is 716-244-8740.  In time, I will be working on a group chat so that parents can talk with each other and share ideas as well.  
    For now, please remember that I know you are also overwhelmed especially if you have more than one child in our school.  We are asking that you do the best you can.  

    That is all anyone of us can do.  Stay safe and I'll be giving you more ideas on this page.  We are GATOR STRONG!