• Sarah Flanders/Jon Luce
    Direct Consultant Teacher
    Special Education
    High School grades 11 & 12
    716-375-6600 ext. 2128
    Dear Students and Families:
            Transitioning to online learning will be a challenge for everyone.  Communication will remain a key to keeping students on track and focused. We will be making contact with students frequently to check in and see what their needs are. Text, call, email, and Zoom will be ways we can communicate with parents and students. 
            We can be reached anytime during regular school hours via email, text or zoom. We will also respond to questions in the evenings as best we can as many of you may also be at work and students may have questions in the evening as well. Please do not call the school phone extension and leave a voicemail as we will not have access to the school phone until we are able to return to the building.
            We will post a consolidated Assignment board on this webpage and keep it updated as best we can, working together to keep students moving forward!  The students are used to seeing this assignment board in our classroom so hopefully that helps ease some stress!
            Again, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you have. We will do our best to get answers and offer assistance in any way we can.
    Sarah Flanders & Jon Luce