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Bachelor's English Master's Secondary Education Advanced Cert.: School Building Leader Advanced Cert.: School District Leader

Mrs. Kimberly Moore

September 5, 2020

Dear Sophomores and Film Studies Scholars: 

Although I will not be your teacher this year, I am looking forward to being your principal during this unique school year!

For now, Mrs. Tracy DeRose will be in your classroom and working with you until we bring in a permanent English teacher.  She is looking forward to beginning the year with each of you!  (You will find a message from Mrs. DeRose below this note.)

If you are Track B or Track C, Mrs. DeRose will meet you in class on Tuesday.  If you are Track D, Mrs. DeRose will touch base with you on Wednesday.  If you are Track A, Mrs. DeRose will meet you for the first time on Thursday.

On Wednesday, you should all check your school email for a message from Mrs. DeRose and me.

If you have any technical difficulties or do not know how to use email or Teams, do not panic. We will work out ANY problems that you have.  Promise! 

You are going to learn so much this year, and we are doing our best to make sure that your school year is as normal as possible while also being enjoyable.

If you have any questions, you can contact Mrs. DeRose at or me at

We'll see you soon! 

Mrs. Moore


September 6, 2020

Hello, English 10 friends and welcome back to school!


I am Mrs. Tracy DeRose and I will be taking over your English 10 class since Mrs. Moore has taken over as our new principal (Hooray and best wishes Mrs. Moore!). Until the district hires a new English teacher to take her place, it’s you and me in room 223.

 A few things about me: I live in Allegany with my husband Ledgie, my daughters Anna (9th grade) and Julia (7th grade), and our dogs Mickey and Charlie. I have been a substitute teacher for Allegany-Limestone for about a year and I LOVE IT! You might remember me from the elementary school where I helped Mrs. Grainer in the library for many years. I am also the former ALES PTO president and the current Academic Booster Club president here at the Middle-High School. Also, in another life I worked as a marketing and public relations writer for Cutco Corp. for 10 years, and a news writer and editor at the Times Herald for 10 years before that.

 Enough about me. How about you? How are you feeling about coming back to school? What questions do you have about being in the building or learning from home? I know things are unusual right now and it’s OK to feel not-all-that excited about being back in school. Just keep in mind that this is new for everyone and we will be learning together.

 The vocabulary words that sum up this school year are SPACE and GRACE. Let’s give each other and ourselves the space to figure out this new world, and grace for those times when mistakes are made or things just don’t go as planned.

 If you or your family needs to get in touch with me, my email address is or give me a call on the classroom phone at 716-375-6600 ext. 2223.

 See you in class!

 Mrs. DeRose


Summer 2020

We did it!

Squeeze the joy out of summer, and be sure to stop in to say hello when you are JUNIORS.

(Film Study Seniors, we wish you the best. Keep in touch! Juniors, see you when you return as seniors.) 

June 8, 2020

  • Many of you have FINISHED, but for those of you wrapping up the year, I emailed your assignments that are due this Wednesday, June 10th, again.    (They are also listed on the left of this screen.)
  • ANY missing work will be accepted (with late penalty) up to Monday, June 15th, at 3 pm.

I'm available if you need to Zoom or conference!  Enjoy your week, almost-Juniors!


June 1, 2020

Ok, this is going to be a bit repetitive!

  • Semi-Colon and "Moon Face" assignments are due today, Monday, June 1st. I uploaded teacher-narrated PowerPoints on both of these assignments.  They are listed on the left under June 1st assignments.
  • “Mandatory” ZOOM classes this Thursday, June 4th: 9:30, 10:10, 1:20, or 2:10.
  • HeLA #6 for Honors due for Zoom on Thursday, June 4th, at 8:50 am.
  • Your last English assignments were emailed last Thursday. ALL parts are to be completed.  They are due no later than next Wednesday, June 10th.  (The assignments are also posted to the left.)
  • ANY missing work will be accepted (with late penalty) up to Monday, June 15th, at 3 pm.

If you work hard this week, this COULD be your last week of English 10!  Can you do it?  i'mPOSSIBLE.

See you Thursday!

Ms. Moore


Friday, 5.29, 2020

English 10 Students:

Your last English assignments were emailed last night!  (They are due no later than Wednesday, June 10th.)

ZOOM classes next Thursday, June 4th:  9:30, 10:10, 1:20, or 2:10.

HeLA #6 for Honors due for Zoom on Thursday, June 4th, at 8:50 am.

Don't forget that your Semi-Colon and "Moon Face" assignments are due this Monday, June 1st. 

Enjoy your weekend! 


Tuesday, 5. 26.202010.

We only have a few more Mondays together!

*Remember that your Pet Peeve assignment is due tonight by midnight. (Assignment on website.)

*New assignments that will be due Monday, June 1st, with narrated PowerPoints will come out tomorrow!

*Your last assignments will be emailed no later than this Friday, May 29th. 

*Honors, finish the book (Immortal Life...) for Zoom on Thursday, June 4th!  (Note catcher - Last HeLa -  is uploaded to my website.)

I look forward to reading your pet peeves! (Your poems and analysis were great!)

Monday, 05.18. 2020

Let’s break the week down for you, English 10 Scholars!

  1. Honors: HeLa #5 assignment is due FOR Zoom class on Tuesday, 5.19.
  2. Honors: Zoom Tuesday at 8:50 am.
  3. ALL English 10: Misplaced Modifier homework due Wednesday, May 20th, by midnight.
  4. Pet Peeve assignment is due Tuesday, May 26th.
  5. No Zoom classes except for Honors on Tuesday.
  6. Zoom Office Hours for this week:
  • ANY time you need to meet with me. Just send me an email or Remind text to meet!

ZOOM Office Hours outside of the school day for YOUR convenience:

  • Tuesday, May 19th, 3 to 4 pm.
  • Thursday, May 21st, 3 to 4 pm.
  1. Assignments have been emailed and are uploaded to this website.

Finally, submit that late work, people!  Earn some points if you’ve been a tad lazy.  Ask for help if you need it!

Let’s work hard this week, so we can enjoy the long Memorial Day Weekend!

Ms. Moore

Monday, 05.11.202

Good morning, English 10!

Notes for this week:

1. Multi-part poetry assignment is due this Wednesday, 5. 13, by midnight.  Be sure to review the checklist I emailed you Friday, May 8th.

2. Honors HeLa #4 is due BEFORE students attend Tuesday's 8:50  Zoom class. 

3. NEW assignments due NEXT week will come out Wednesday, May 13th. 

4. ZOOM is "mandatory" this Thursday, May 14th.  Honors at 8:50.  English 10, pick a session:  9:30; 10:10; 1:20; or 2:10. 

5  Note grading policy in the left-hand column.

6.  Confused?  Zoom conference with me.

7. You'll find all assignments in your emails.

We're nearing the end, people!  Let's give it our best. 


Monday, 05.04.2020

Good morning, Class of 2022 (and Nic!)

Reminders for this week:

1.  Personal analysis of poem was due Friday, May 1st, by midnight. (on my website and emailed to you last Friday)

2.  Open Resources Poetry Assignment was due  Friday, May 1st, by midnight.  (emailed to you)

3.  New multi-part poetry assignment has been emailed to you this morning.  Deadline is NEXT Wednesday, May 13th, by midnight.

4.  Honors assignment (HeLa #4) for Tuesday, May 12th, will be uploaded today.

5.  PowerPoint from Zoom classes are  on my website.

6.  Zoom sessions for this week on THURSDAY IF you have questions:  9:30; 10:10; 1:20; or 2:10.  (Info. on website.)

7.  Schedule a Zoom conference at a different time if you need any help with assignments!

8.  Please Remind text me or email with any questions!

Finally, Please see the attachment that I sent today in my email with your assignment from your MHS faculty!

We miss you!

Ms. Moore


Monday, 04.27.2020

Another Monday without you! We miss you!

Reminders for this week, sophomores and Nick over in Europe:

1.  Personal analysis of poem is due Friday, May 1st, by midnight. (on my website and emailed to you last Friday)

2.  Open Resources Poetry Assignment is due  Friday, May 1st, by midnight.  (emailed to you this morning)

3.  Reread "How to Read a Poem."  (This is on my website and emailed to you last Friday.)

4.  Honors:  HeLa#3 due to me before our Tuesday 8:50 Zoom class. (Questions are on my website.)

5.  PowerPoint from last Thursday's Zoom is on my website.

6.  Honors Zoom on Tuesday and Thursday at 8:50.

6.  English 10 - pick a Zoom session to attend this Thursday.  Information can be found  on the left side of my website page.

7. District and my policy on grading to be uploaded to my website after Wednesay.  Right now, there are possible district revisions.

8.  Schedule a Zoom conference (one on one or with a small group) if you need any help with assignments!

Remind text me or email with any questions!

See you this Thursday in Zoom!


Monday, 04.20.2020

Dear Sophomores and Nick!:

Just a reminder that your poetic devices definitions are due Wednesday, April 22, and you must find a poem that you love.  You do NOT need to send the poem to me. (Check your email that was sent to you on Thur 4.9 at 12:11 for the assignment.)

We willl have a ZOOM class this Thursday, April 23rd, and every Thursday until our quarantine ends.  Jump into one of the sessions.  Times are listed on the left under ZOOM.

Honors, please be sure that you have your text,  The ImmortalLife of Henrietta Lacks.  You willl have an additional ZOOM class on Tuesdays beginng April 28th.  I'll talk about this on Thursday during Honors Zoom.

If at any point you need a Zoom conference with me, just email or text me through Remind.

I miss you!


Thursday, 04.09.2020


I have just emailed you your next assignment and sent you a REMIND text that the assignment has been emailed.  Check your emails, please. We now move into our poetry unit.  We begin by making sure that we are using the appropriate terminology as we discuss and write poems.  (For those students who requested paper copies, those will be sent next TUESDAY from our school's main office.)

Your assignment is to be completed and sent back to me before Wednesday, April 22nd.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions or if you would like a ZOOM conference call.

We move to MANDATORY ZOOM meetings beginning on Thursday, April 23.  Times are on the attachment that I sent and will be listed to the left of this screen.

Take care! I miss spending my day with you.

Ms.  Moore



Monday, 04.06.2020

It IS Monday for those of us struggling with days and dates!

Students, I sent you an email and a text through Remind.  LAST writings and log are due this Wednesday, April 8th, by midnight.  Next week we begin poetry! No ZOOM this week.  PLEASE text me if you'd like to or need to me with me one on one in ZOOM. 

I look forward to reading your writings. Last week's were exceptional! THANK YOU!



Hello, April and students!

Your assignments are due today by midnight!  I also sent you an email.  Please check. ZOOM  nonmandatory check-ins tomorrow.


3.30.2020 (Monday)

Good morning, SOPHOMORES and Nickie!

You have your next set of assignments due this Wednesday, April 1st, by midnight!   Please check your email and REMIND for details. 

There will be four ZOOM "classes" this Thursday, April 2nd.  Information can be found on the left of this screen.

Have a good week, and DO NOT STRESS ABOUT ENGLISH!  (We begin poetry after break for my poetry lovers (and for Regents prep)!




Your first writing assignments and reading/listening log are due to me by midnight today.  Frequently check your Remind messages and email!

Tomorrow, we ZOOM to touch base.  Information can be found to the left of this screen.  I hope to see you tomorrow!



See the assignment tab on the left.  I will EMAIL you your assignment at 3 pm today.  Thank you!

(Guardians, if you would also like to receive an email with materials, please email me: )



Dear Students:

Thank you to those who have emailed me or who have contacted me through the Remind app. 

I'll be touching base with you over the next few days.  Please check back here tomorrow night (Wednesday night, March 18th) to find my materials for the next three weeks and my plan for your continued instruction.

I'll use email, Zoom, this website, and my Remind app to stay connected with you! 

If you have NOT done so, PLEASE sign up for my Remind app, and check your school email frequently.

On your phone, enter the number 81010 and then text the following message:

For Remind:

For English 10: Use the class code @a896g3  (It's a number 9 after the 8 and a lowercase G after the 6).

For English 10 HONORS:  Use the class code @4cbg37

For Film Studies:  Use the class code @cdee4k6

Use this precious time to safely stay connected, but STAY CONNECTED....with friends, with families, with your school community, and with ME!

Think of the stories we'll have to share!

Ms. Moore

(My email address:

Do NOT call my classroom phone.  To quickly touch base with me, use REMIND.