Regents Exams Information

Regents Exam Information

This is the latest information that we have from the state on Regents exams.   If you have questions about your situation, please contact Mr. Pecorella at or your child’s school counselor.

 -All Regents exams for June 2020 are cancelled.

-Students who were enrolled in a class that had a Regents exam requirement will get credit for the Regents exam if they pass the class.  It is very important that students continue to work with their teachers during this time.  To gain credit they must pass the class!!!

-Gaining Regents credit in this way will not affect the type of diploma they receive.  For example, a student who needed the Algebra 2 Regents to complete the three-credit math sequence for a Regents with Advanced Designation Diploma will have the sequence completed.

-Students who have received credit will not need to come back to take Regents exams when school resumes.  For example, a 9th grader in Living Environment who passes the course will not need to take the Living Environment Regents while taking Earth Science next year.

-The lab hour requirements are waived for science Regents exams this year.

-Spanish Checkpoint A&B exams are also cancelled.  Checkpoint A is the exam given at the end of 8th grade Spanish. Checkpoint B is the exam given at the end of Spanish 3. Requirements for earning credit in these classes will be the same as for Regents exams.

                     Regents Exam Guidance Chart

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Regents Exam Information