Yellow Zone

Good Evening Allegany-Limestone Families,
As you are likely aware, New York State is now identifying localities as micro-cluster zones when there are sharp increases in the COVID-19 infection rate. The designation by New York State comes with increased restrictions that impact school districts within the identified zone.

If our community is designated a Yellow zone, we would be required to test 20% of our students and staff for the Covid-19 virus if we are to remain open to in-person instruction. We are mailing home permission slips to parents so we can have them on file in case we are designated in a Yellow Zone. While we have not been designated as of today, we are preparing in advance, so our in-person instruction is not interrupted.

The test will be coordinated by the Cattaraugus County Health department. The test being used will only require a swab that gets a sample in the lower part of a person’s nose. It is less invasive than earlier tests.

Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions.

Thank you for being such a supportive community.

In Partnership,

Mr. Giannicchi