Internet Safety

Dear Gator Community,
Allegany-Limestone Central School District is always looking for ways to proactively benefit the health and welfare of our students. In this pursuit, we feel it necessary to share some important information.

This message is to make you aware of an issue that is negatively impacting children locally, regionally, and nationally. It has to do with the inappropriate use of technological devices. Specifically, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Apps on phones are being used to bring harm to others. Technology, AI, and the internet can be dangerous if they are not used maturely.

The main message to our families is that all of our children's use of their technological devices - be it phones, computers, video games, etc. - should be monitored by an adult. Please have conversations with your children to ensure they are using these devices safely and appropriately.

Some of the cases from outside of our district have led to not only expulsion from school, but also state and federal criminal charges. We are sending this message to prevent this from happening to our students.

We will be speaking to students about this and providing some helpful reminders, and we wanted to make you aware. We also have plans to speak more in-depth to students in classes in the future.

The following are helpful links to resources that may be helpful:

Southern Tier Child Advocacy Center – Allegany County, New York

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (

App Fact Sheets | The Carly Ryan Foundation