LIVE PE Classes/Videos

ALES PE Classes will be going LIVE on PE Pandemic Facebook Page...We'll have a "Trial Run" on 3/27/20, in order to see the feedback and work out the kinks.  Classes will be at 1:00 PM every Friday, until school resumes!  Please share with others, get on and leave comments/questions, and be interactive with your friends & teachers from ALES!

Parent Bulletin


Reminder...Periodically look at the PE Pandemic Page to catch the lessons that are being provided by the ALES PE Department...


Week 1: 3/27/20 - "Tic-Tac-Toe Relay"

Week 2: 4/3/20 - "Fisbee Golf"

Week 3: 4/10/30 - "Card Stacking"

Week 4: 4/17/20 - "Juggling"

Week 5: 4/24/20 - "Fitness Skills"

Week 6: 5/1/20 - "Cup Stacking"