• Cumulative Reviews

    Cumulative reviews are given at the end of a unit to review materials not only from September, but also from Algebra 1A.  These are year-long review and preparation for the NYS Regents Exam. 

    Each cumulative review is given as a take-home quiz.  You may get it checked and make corrections any time prior to the due date.
    NO checks on the due date.  Points will be deducted for late work. 

    No late work is accepted once graded reviews are returned.


    Cumulative Review 1-2   Due Oct 27

    Cumulative Review 1-3    Due Dec 6

    Cumulative Review 1-4   Due Dec 22

    Cumulative Review 1-5   Due Jan 19

    Cumulative Review 1-7  Due Feb 9

    Cumulative Review 1-8  Due April 16