Speech-Language Therapy

                                                               What are Speech or Language Impairments?

             Speech or language impairments are communication disorders such as; a fluency impairment (stuttering), an articulation    impairment, a language impairment or a voice impairment that adversely affects a student's educational performance.

    Speech/Language therapy is provided to students under two circumstances. Students may require intervention if they do not meet District criteria and can be enrolled in our Speech and Language Improvement Program [SLIP]. Some children have Individualized Education Plans [IEPs] as determined by the Committee on Special Education [CSE].

    Children can receive speech/language therapy in a group setting or individually, and it can be provided in the classroom or in a speech pathologist's office.  In any case, school-based speech pathologists use their clinical skills to assess, diagnose and treat children who need reinforcement in speech articulation, speech fluency and voice. Additionally, SLPs work to improve language usage and understanding, which includes (but is not limited to) use/understanding of basic concepts, following directions and the development of pragmatic skills.

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