• Coronavirus update: Students in Computer 6 and MS App should have received five or more emails from me. If you have missed some of these emails, go into Outlook and search "goodman" which will group all the emails together. Students will be receiving assignments via OneNote.
    Parents, if you have questions, please email me at dgoodman@alcsny.org
    Students and Parents, please see the links to the left for more information. 
    Middle School Computer Classes with Ms. Goodman

         The middle school computer curriculum is designed to reinforce previously learned skills as well as introduce technical skills that are essential components of the larger middle school curriculum. Students will demonstrate practical application of what they have learned through a variety of class assignments.  
    The focus of the middle school computer classes is a combination of computer literacy and introductory computer programming. By the time students finish 8th grade, the goal is for them to feel comfortable using Office 365 and for them to have had some exposure to introductory computer programming.

    Contact Ms. Goodman at dgoodman@alcsny.org or 716-375-6600 ext 2207
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