We welcome new beginnings in the year 2022!  

    As you begin each day of this new year, consider starting with one thought in mind - "today is a good day to do good."

    If we all do good as often as we can, and wherever we can, it is likely that we will make most situations better.  There is no downside to this.  It is never the wrong choice to be kind.  The more we practice this, the more automatic it will become, and the more positive impact we might have on our environment.  The best thing is, anyone can do it!  So as you begin this new 2022, try it.  Try to keep in mind that "today IS a good day to do good," and then go out there and do it!


    May you continue to be safe, well, and happy.  #gatorSPIRIT


    Meghan Janora

    Allegany Limestone Elementary School Principal