The character trait at ALES for the month of September is Friendship.

    With everyone back, students and staff,  I have noticed how much we have missed our friends. 

    As we welcome all Gators back to school there are many good friendships being developed.

    A good friend is someone you can be vulnerable and open with. This is because friends trust friends.   Gators are being good friends.

    A good friend will be one who you enjoy spending time with.  Gators here seem happy and are enjoying the time we are given together. 

    If something bad happens to your friend, you feel bad as well. Friends have empathy.  We have a lot of empathetic Gators.


    I am proud to say in just a short time I have noticed our Gators showing our Character trait of friendship.

    It is so nice to have you back.


    Continue to be safe, be well, and be happy.  #gatorSPIRIT


    Meghan Janora

    Allegany Limestone Elementary School Principal