Spring Picture Day Tuesday March 16th.  Remote learners can have their picture taken between 9 a.m. and noon.  Come to the main office, buzz in, and we will take you to the station.




    ALES will begin using a new Pickup System for our car riders.

     This Automated Student Pickup System will allow us to organize the dismissal process even better than what it is now.  The new reader gate you notice at the beginning of the parking lot will detect your vehicle as it passes and allow us to get your child/children ready for pickup.  The Line Viewer inside the school will show us all the vehicles that are in the parking lot, and in the order that they arrive.  The process we currently use works, but this may help to make the traffic flow smoother and more efficient, while ensuring the safety of our students during dismissal.

    If you have picked up in the last few days, you may have been issued a car tag.  If so, please have it in your car and hang it from your mirror.   It is a difficult process to get them all assigned, and not everyone has one yet, so we ask for patience as we continue to assign them and hand them out. 

    If you pick up your child/children occasionally you might not be issued a tag.  We ask that you follow the same procedure as we do now, and just stop to tell the person at the cafeteria entrance who you are picking up.  Please continue to stay in your car while dismissal is occurring. 




     As a gator parent/guardian, we ask that before you send your kid each day to school, you ask the following two screening questions:
    1) Has your child been in close contact in the past 14 days with anyone who has tested positive for COVID or has COVID symptoms?
    2) Is your child experiencing any COVID like symptoms such as:
    - Fever - cough - shortness of breath
    - head/body aches - sore throat
    If the answer to either of these is yes, please do not bring or send them into the school until they are symptom free or declared noninfectious by a physician.