Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the new turf field. Thank you to our Board of Education and ALCS Community.  

    Ribbon Cutting  

    To contact any Board of Education Member you can send an email to this address: BOE@alcsny.org
    Board of Education Members

    Vision Statement:
    Allegany-Limestone Central School will create and sustain a safe,
    nurturing, and rigorous learning environment in which all students are
    challenged and prepared to accomplish their goals.


    President -Term Expires 2024


    Vice President-Term Expires 2023

    Mrs. Susan Schifley  


    Mrs. Kimberly Palmer


    Mr. Matthew Kahm-Term Expires 2023


    Mr. Jeff Black-Term Expires 2021

    Mr. Matthew Kahm

    Dr. Diana Maguire- Term Expires 2022 


    Mr. Jay King-Term Expires 2022


    Brandi Porcello-Term Expires 2025


    Mr. Devine Leacock-Term Expires 2025 

    D. Leacock  

    Mrs. Maggie Nuss-Term Expires 2021


    Emily Speckman (Student Member) 2020-2021

                                 E. Speclman