Allegany-Limestone Central School will create and sustain a safe, nurturing, and rigorous learning environment in which all students are challenged and prepared to accomplish their goals.


    By instilling a sense of inquiry, inclusiveness, adaptability, creativity and character, the ALCS community will prepare our students as lifelong learners and problem solvers.


    Core Beliefs

    • All students have the capacity to develop their unique potentials.

    • Learning is the shared responsibility and collaborative effort of students, faculty, staff, families, and community.

    • Learning occurs best in a safe environment that respects the individual, values different perspectives, and encourages effort.

    • Learning results from active engagement in relevant, purposeful activities.


    To contact any Board of Education Member you can send an email to this address: BOE@alcsny.org

    Board of Education Members


    President -Term Expires 2024


    Mrs. Michele Spring-Term Expires 2028

    Mrs. Susan Schifley  



    M Spring

    Mr. Matthew Kahm-Term Expires 2028


    Mr. Jeff Black-Term Expires 2026

    Mr. Matthew Kahm

    Dr. Diana Maguire- Term Expires 2027 


    Dr. Mathanakaran-Term Expires 2027

    Dr. Matt

    Mrs. Brandi Porcello-Term Expires 2025


    Mr. Devine Leacock-Term Expires 2025 

    D. Leacock  

    Mrs. Maggie Nuss-Term Expires 2026


    Alexa Henderson-

    Student Board Member