• Mrs. Sarah Cartmill, Literacy Coach
    ALES Room 190  MHS Room 236


    (716) 375-6600 ext. 2236 


    Resources for Parents, Students and Teachers to do at home:

    1. Listen to a story or audio book: What was your favorite part?
    2. Find a book or magazine. Can you find digraphs th, ch, sh, wh?
    3. MHS: Can you find Main Idea/Gist and key vocabulary?
    4. Can you find 'tricky' or sight words in that book or magazine?
    5. MHS: How about subject-area vocab words?
    6. Log into Reading A to Z or r Reading eggs and read 2 books or 20 minutes. Answer comprehension questions if applicable.
    7. MHS: Do this with Scholastic.com or Khan Academy (or grade level homework!)
    8. Read 2 of your own books and talk to a parent or someone at home about what you read.
    9. Search around the house for objects that begin with each letter of the alphabet and keep a list.
    10. MHS: Scavenger hunt/experiment with household items related to homework
    11. Choose a journal prompt/free write (choice)
    12. Go to www.readingrockets.org and choose a topic/book or article.
    13. Visit scholastic.com/learnathome or Khan Academy for free online access & activities.

    https://www.nypl.org/books-music-movies/ebookcentral Over 300,000 free online books from New York Public Library!


    -Providing support for teachers and students K-12 as we move into year 3 of the RtI project

    -Administering assessment, progress monitoring and instructional coaching

    -Supporting teachers with strategies, data collection and best practices across the curriculum

    -Helping to make informed decisions using the data we are collecting