District Office Fun

    Dear Parents,

    I trust that both you and your child have had a wonderful summer! Hopefully, our new school year parent anxieties will turn into the comfort of seeing our children successfully meeting school’s day-by-day challenges. As we start our new school year I wish to take this opportunity to restate our school district’s most fundamental mission – to ensure that every child has every opportunity to develop academically and affectively. As parents, we understand that adults of real value, as well as those who are truly successful, are those who demonstrate knowledge, kindness, wisdom and ethical behavior.

    We want our children to have well-rounded lives that demonstrate knowledge and integrity. Please know that the educators within our schools understand that to accomplish this we all need to re-focus on how we treat others, maintain a high standard of integrity, and act with kindness. This is not only an ethical goal, but serves a functional purpose as well – those who are most successful in life are not necessarily those who achieve the highest grades, but are the ones who also work well with others. The students who work well in cooperative groups, share nicely, participate in student government, play on teams, are active in clubs and/or community groups, are the ones most likely to reach great success in life.

    Within this light, as our educators assisting students towards success, we affirm that we are first teachers of children, and secondly teachers of subject matter. We will treat our students as we wish others to treat our own children. We will lead by example. We will have high expectations for all children. We will speak with kindness and sensitivity. We will model respectful, ethical and caring behaviors. We will remain current with educational research. We will address multiple learning styles in our classrooms to ensure that every child has opportunities to meet with success. We will meet both the academic and affective needs of our students. In short, we will work in partnership with you to ensure that our children develop into well-rounded men and women.

    Warmest Regards,

    Mr. Tony Giannicchi, ALCS Superintendent