Welcome Back!  What the 2021-22 school will look like was the most commonly asked question over the summer.  It was a hard question to answer for everyone because there still are many unknowns.  When we started planning for the school year our number one goal was to safely have every student in person, every day, all day.   Last year we followed the guidance of health officials in the state and the county.  Allegany-Limestone had one of the lowest Covid-19 infection rates in Western New York.  This was a credit to the staff, students, and community for practicing safety recommendations.   Allegany-Limestone hosted 2 vaccination clinics and it was nice to hear from the clinic workers that we had the best participation for a school district host.  Moving forward we will continue to follow the safety recommendations of our health officials.

    During this past year dealing with Covid-19 there was learning loss in the academic areas and a loss of socialization for some students.  These will be 2 areas that will be a focus this year.  Over the summer we hosted a YMCA sports program, an elementary academic institution, and summer school assistance was provided for any secondary school student who needed it.  During the school year we plan to offer extra help after school, more social programs, and increased academic help during the school day to help support students. 

    The building project has been moving full steam ahead.  The elementary transformation has been amazing so far.  Not only will the building interior be modernized, but the mechanical aspects will as well.  New ventilation and boilers are also part of the plan.  From the outside you can see concrete has been replaced and the playground is awaiting new equipment.  The new playground will be ADA compliant for equal access to everyone.  The benefits to the community will pay off now and into the future. 

    We will make the 2021-2022 school year the best one possible for our students!  Time is short and we have to make the most of the time we spend with them. 

    Looking forward to seeing the kids on day 1!




    Mr. Giannicchi