It certainly has been an interesting school year so far.  We have to be pretty thankful up to this point that during a Global pandemic we have adjusted well in our small corner of the world.  We have all made adjustments in life and our children seem to make them more easily than we do as adults.  I have witnessed from the first day of school students understanding the importance wearing of mask and being in compliance from day 1.  I saw high school students checking their own temperatures when no one was watching, 4-year-old students getting off the bus wearing masks, stopping to have someone take their temperature and then getting a dose of hand sanitizer before moving about in the school and kids staying seated in the cafeteria waiting patiently for their lunch or the garbage can to be brought to their seat.  These are all actions that are the new norms of school.  This also demonstrates the fortitude of students to persist and overcome.  Overcoming challenges early in life prepare students to face whatever obstacles they will face as they grow.

    On another note, one of the positives of this pandemic is the increase in technology skills by students and staff.  Moving forward, technology skills will tie small rural areas like ours to the rest of the world.  With the increasing use of technology as a tool to work remotely why would people have to live in populated areas when they can connect from anywhere.  The only possible negative is more people will find out about the secret of good living in our local area.  In the November 13th issue of Business First, G. Scott Thomas wrote an article, Finding the Ideal Place to Call Home.  In the article, the Village of Allegany is rated as the top small hub to live in.  The article cited its strengths as its educational system and growth potential.  While there is no substitute for in-person instruction, having technology skills to compete in the 21st century is critical. 

    A school district is only as good as the community in which it serves.  Our current capital project is wrapping up as the year closes.  Soon bids will go out for the next building project which will mainly focus on improvements at the elementary school.  Parents have been supportive of all safety measures implemented.  We are thankful for a partnership of school and community.

    Mr. Giannicchi