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    As we all know, this is a CRAZY time, and one of the strangest years of your education.  You are NOT alone.  Please reach out via email or chat on Microsoft Teams and I will help you.  If I do not have an answer for you, I will find one.  I do not want you to feel overwhelmed or lost.  I LOVE to help, which is why I chose this profession!
    My family means the world to me!  
    Below is our new puppy Bleu (because of one blue eye) and our 12 yr. old dog, Carlee. 
    My family picture includes Mike, Chloee, Chance, and I when we dropped Chloee off at college.   
    Bleu carlee keuka
    I am also the Friends of Rachel advisor.  We do random acts of kindness in our school and community.  All are welcome!  Simply email or send me a chat if you would like to join.
    Rachel Joy Scott