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    Global History & Geography II
    10th Grade
    High School
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    Global History and Geography Classroom Syllabus.

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    Mr. Conroy

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    Dear Students & Families,

    I sincerely hope everyone is safe and healthy!!!!





    Welcome to Mr. Conroy's Global 10 World History class!  I am excited to be back in school and I'm looking forward to meeting all of you starting on Tuesday/Thursday!  
    This message is to outline the procedure for the first day of class, so you know what to expect and how to log on if you are scheduled to be online.
    What you will need for EVERY class:
    • Your charged computer
    • earbuds (that work with your computer)
    All resources, activities and assignments will be delivered virtually, whether you are in or out of class, and all classes will be taught synchronously (which means you are required to log onto TEAMS everyday during your class period to attend class).  
    Follow the steps below to log into your class meeting EACH DAY:
    1. Open up a tab on your computer
    2. go to office.com 
    3. log into office.com by clicking "log in" in the upper right corner, using your school email and password (you can save your login for future use)
    4. Once you log in, you have the ability to access all items you will need for class (you should already have the desktop app)
    5. click on the TEAMS icon. Once you click on the icon, you will see a screen like this:

    Image preview

           6. On the left side bar are all of the places you can go in TEAMS (we will cover this in class)
           7. Click "CALENDAR" on the side bar
           8. go to Tuesday, September 6th and you should find a link at the time of your global class- Click the link
           9. This will allow you to enter the class meeting - and attend class!
    All of the rest of the applications will be explained once we are all in class.