Español II
    This course follows Español I.  The textbook is Avancemos II, which all students should have a copy of at home.  There is a classroom set available so the students will not need to transport their book back and forth.  The grading policy is broken up into 4 skills essential to communicating effectively. Any graded tasks will fall under one of the following skill categories.
    Listening 30%
    Reading 30%
    Speaking 25%
    Writing 15% 
    Spanish I
    High School and 8th Grade
    This is a high school credit course.  Students will take Spanish for the full year.  Upon successful completion of the course, students will earn a credit towards graduation. 
    Successful completion is defined by:
    a.  Passing the Final Exam which is a mirrored Second Language Proficiency Exam (65% or higher)
    b.  Having an overall passing average with 4 quarters + Final Exam
    Listening 40%
    Reading 20%
    Speaking 30%
    Writing 10% 
    Please bring a 3 Ring binder