• Bienvenidos / Welcome.


    This will be a year for the history books my friends, but we will be successful working together.  I will communicate with you via Microcsoft Teams and school email and this website.  This is a high school credit, so get ready to start working!  I am thrilled to be working with you. 

    My weekly lesson plans are available to your students on their TEAMS under the specific month we are in. You will find it under FILES in a FOLDER WEEKLY LESSON PLANS.

     It is my expectation that students join class via TEAMS during their regularly scheduled class time.  Attendance will be taken at the beginning and students will be called on to respond during the virtual class.  Attendance to the meeting and participation in the meeting is required for REMOTE PRESENT.

    Let's do this!  

    Mrs. Finn


    As we work through this, I am trying to find what works for my students.  With such a wide range of ages, this may not work for everyone.  I will re evaluate the process weekly.


    Learning Schedule