• Occupational Therapy is provided in schools to students who have delays in fine motor, visual motor, visual perceptual, ocular motor, sensory processing or self-care skills.  Occupational Therapy (OT) is considered a related service and is provided when it is deemed necessary to support the student's ability to fully participate in their educational program.

    Allegany Limestone Central School District provides Occupational Therapy services to students who are classified as a Special Education student and have an Individual Education Plan.  The district also provides services to students who are not classified as a Special Education student through Occupational Therapy as a related service. 

    Occupational Therapy services can be delivered through direct treatment with the student, consultation with the student's family and/or teacher, modification of the environment and/or provision of adaptive equipment.

    Occupational Therapy services are provided after a student has had an Occupational Therapy Evaluation and it has been found that they have a deficit that is impacting their educational performance.  Occupational Therapy Evaluations can be requested by a teacher or parent.    

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    Sandy Janiga, OTR/L

    Occupational Therapist

    Allegany Limestone Central School District

    email: sjaniga@alcsny.org