Expectations and Contact Information

  • Expectations for Reading Class (typically 82 minutes) Starting 3/24/20.

    Daily assignments include:

    1. Daily Fix-It (5 minutes, 2 mistakes; skills practice ungraded)

    2. Journal Prompt/Writing Assignment (10-15 minutes; journal prompts ungraded/final personal narrative project will be graded)

    3. Spelling Menu Choices (5-10 minutes; typically assigned for homework; 4 choices due per week; graded [20 points; classwork])

    4. Independent Reading (20 minutes of independent reading)


    Weekly assignments include:

    1. Reading and Comprehension Questions (10-15 minutes; 2 per week; graded [20 points; classwork])

    2. Book Review (one book review due per week; graded [20 points; classwork])


    Supplementary spelling skills practice, games, Decodable readers (can be used for book reviews), and posters typically used in the classroom will also be included.


    Expectations for Resource Room (typically 40 minutes):

    Skills packets working on individual goals will be sent home. Modified materials and supplements to social studies, science, and math instruction will also be provided and posted.



    All work will be posted to Google Classroom and sent home in paper packets to all students. Instructions are provided in both areas.

    Contact me with any questions at azimmer@alcsny.org or through the phone number provided to you. I will also be checking the work phone voicemail periodically! (716-375-6600 (ext 4188)).

    I am also available via Zoom upon request.

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