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    Earth Science Course Syllabus

    Welcome to ALCS Earth Science! Earth

    All instruction for this course will occur through the Online Microsoft Teams Platform. Beginning Monday September 28th, Earth Science will be a synchronous course where all virtual students will log into the class during their scheduled class time and participate in class through Teams Meeting. All course materials, resources and assignments will be posted on your child's Teams page. While attending in person instruction, students will discuss course content and perform various laboratory activities and assignments that teach and reinforce the course concepts. All assignments will be submitted by the student through teams.

    Each week, I will post a Calendar on Teams that explains what your child should be working on each day throughout the week.

    Earth Science also has a Lab component to the course. While attending in person each student will perform the lab activity and then work on or complete that week's lab at home on the virtual days. All students will have no less than one week to complete each lab. There will also be a Pre-Lab posted each week to prepare for the following week's lab.

    If you have any concerns or issues please contact me through email.


    Thank you,

    Mr. Waugaman