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    Courses: Regents Earth Science and Syracuse University Earth Systems Science
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    Regents Earth Science Syllabus             Grading Policy

    Welcome to ALCS Earth Science! Earth

    Earth Science is a comprehensive Regents Science course. In this course, students will learn about the natural world around them. We will learn how the Earth is a system composed of many smaller systems that all interact together. Semester one will consist of major concepts in Geology including: Rocks and Minerals, Models of the Earth, Layers of the Earth, Earthquakes/ Plate Tectonics. Semester two will include: Weathering and Erosion, Landscape development, Weather and Climate, and Space.  

    Every Monday, I will post a Calendar on our Teams page that explains the assignments your child should be working on each day throughout the week.

    Earth Science also has a Lab component to the course, that is required by NYSED to sit for the Regents Exam in June. The students will work collaboratively to complete many hands-on laboratory experiences throughout the year.  

    If you have any concerns or issues, please contact me via email.

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    Mr. Waugaman