• Teacher

    NAME: Mr. Hopkins

    SCHOOL: Allegany-Limestone MS/HS.

    CLASS: Middle School Health 1 & 2/High School Health/Career Studies

    SCHOOL PHONE: (716) 375-6600 ext. 2260



    About The Teacher

     Mr. Hopkins teaches middle school health 1 & 2, Sr. Health and Career Studies.
    0 He is also the varsity golf coach.

    Mission For Middle School Health Classes 1 & 2

    To discuss topics including alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, relationships, reproduction, body systems, communicable, and non-communicable disease.

    Mission For Sr. Health Class

    Senior High Health class will be a continuation of the work we started in middle school. 
    We will delve deeper into the three areas of health (physical, mental/emotional and social).  
    The skills that we will try to develop include; self-management, relationship management, stress 
    management, communication, planning and goal setting, decision making and advocacy.  
    We will review and expand on functional knowledge in the following areas; physical activity/nutrition, 
    HIV/AIDS, sexual risk, family life/sexual health, tobacco, alcohol/other drugs, unintentional 
    injuries, violence prevention and other required health areas.

    Mission For Career Studies

    This course is a graduation requirement at ALCS that encompasses key experiences and
    outcomes that assist students with their post high school plans.  Within this 10 week course
    students will be expected to know how to write an effective resume and cover letter.  They will
    be taught how to conduct themselves professionally in an interview and actually participate in
    a mock interview with volunteers from outside businesses/agencies. Some other components
    include:  acquiring 2 letters of recommendation, community service, writing a career plan,
    filling out a job application, visiting a college, going on a career field trip/be currently employed,
    and completing a career interest survey which compiles likes/dislikes, skills, etc. to help students
    learn about the careers that may fit their interests.

    This course emphasizes exploration and planning.  We want our students to leave ALCS with a
    plan for success.  This class provides some of the basic tools and experiences for students to
    achieve this.  

    Pre-requisite: Junior or Senior
    Final Assessment:  Must satisfactorily complete the components mentioned above.
    Additional Information:  10 week course requirement for graduation