• Welcome to the Elementary Computer Lab!
    Our Mission 

    Integration of educational software activities to support classroom instruction
    Use applications (Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Word) to create and publish documents
    Use appropriate Internet sites, online encyclopedias and references for information
    Learn keyboarding skills
    Inspire and engage students to be creative

    Quarantined Learners during the 2021-2022 school year this is what I would like you to do from home.

    Grades 3-5 - Keyboarding (10 Min):

    On your desktop, click on FireFox, Edge, or Chrome (Internet Explorer will not work

    At the Allegany-Limestone Home Page, Click on Our Teachers  

    At Mr. Jones’s Home page, Click on the Keyboarding link 

          Enter your email address, then your password

    I will monitor your progress online.  Please remember correct posture and always do your very best work.

    Grades 1-5 – Coding (Rest of your computer time): 

    Click on Coding, find on your teacher’s name and click on it

    At your class page, click on your name and your picture password to login

    I will monitor your progress online.  Remember to go in order and try and get each lesson green.  If you get stuck on a lesson and need help, please email me and I will help you.

    UPK-K – Starfall

    At Mr. Jones’s Home page, click on ELA Links

    At ELA Links, click on Starfall

    Click on-Kindergarten and then Learn to Read

    Students start with learn to read.  Then they may progress through the different activities at their own pace.

    I am constantly monitoring my email.  If you get stuck or need something, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


     Mr. Terry Jones

    Computer Teacher



    (716) 375-6600 extension 4130