• Welcome to Sixth Grade!

     Keep Calm

    6th Grade ZOOM Schedule 



          Monday, Wednesday, Friday  2:00 pm


         Monday, Wednesday, Friday 2:00 pm


        Owen Tuesday, Thursday 2:00 pm


        Luce Tuesday Thursday 10:00 am


       Mrs. Owen Wednesday @ 1:00, Friday @ 10:00 am


        Ms. Goodman Monday at 10:00 am



    Mr. Rick Owen teaches Science and Math.  He is also the Sixth Grade Team Leader.  His e-mail address is mowen@alcsny.org, and his phone number is 716 375-6600, extension 2269.
    Mrs. Linda Dodd-Nagel is teaching Math. You can contact her by e-mailing lodd@alcsny.org, or by calling 716 375-6600, extension 2270.
    Mrs. Stacy Luce teaches English.   Please contact her at sluce@alcsny.org, or call her at 716 375-6600, extension 2169.  
    Mrs. Susan Vossler is teaching Social Studies.  Please contact her at svossler@alcsny.org, or by calling 716 375-6600 extension 2170.
    Mrs. Penny Owen is teaching Reading. You can contact her by e-mailing powen@alcsny.org, or by calling 716 375-6600, extension 2167.