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    Parents: If your child needs any medication during the school day (ex:tylenol, ibuprofen, inhaler, prescription) we need to know and have paperwork on file.  Printable forms are below. Please call if you have questions.

    Covid Protocols: If your child tests positive for Covid, they must stay home from school for 5 days (day 0 is the day the test was positive or symptoms started) and then days 6-10 they need to wear a mask. We also suggest that they have a negative Covid test before returning. More Guidelines can be found on the Department of Health Website at COVID-19 | Department of Health (ny.gov)


    Printable Medical Forms:

    Parent/Guardian Approval form to give medication at school

    Self-carry Medication Form


    (We will be glad to fax the form to your doctor for the areas that they need to fill out.)



                   Thank you for working with us to keep all of our students healthy!




                   Elementary School Nurse                                       Middle-High School Nurse

                   Mrs. Tina Henneman                                              Cheryl Wintermantel

                   Phone: 716-375-6600, ext. 4165                            Phone: 716-375-6600, ext. 2160

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