7th grade Spanish

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    This year, we will be learning vocabulary, vocabulary, and more vocabulary. As a very basic level of Spanish, we will work with the following vocabulary topics:



    Seasons and Weather


    People and descriptions

    Community & transportation


    Free time activities

    School related vocabulary



    By the end of the year, the 7th grade students will be able to express:

    *Likes and dislikes

    *“Have to” and “Feel like”

    *Personal descriptions

    *Personal feelings

    *Actions in the present and immediate future


    What the students are able to express will be simple, but they will be able to communicate. We will spend a lot of time talking about “rewording” or “talking around” what we want to say, so we can use what we know how to say instead of relying on translation devices.


       Learning about the cultures of the various countries is an important part of the course. We will learn about the Hispanic influences in our own lives. Geography and history will be a part of this course.


    Grading Policy

    Listening tasks—40%

    Reading tasks—20%

    Speaking tasks—30%

    Writing tasks—10%

       Homework will generally be graded based on completion and general     accuracy. Most homework assignments will fall under the writing component. Assignments turned in on time will receive 100%. Late assignments will receive 80% for up to 1 week, and 65% for up to 2 weeks. Only 50% credit may be earned after 2 weeks.

         Keeping up with the homework will be a key component in learning the   content covered in this course.


    You will get out of this class as much as you put into it.


    ¡Hacer es poder! -

         To do is to be able!

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    Español 7


    Sra. Suzanne Charles

    Doña Charles

    Profesora Charles

    Maestra Charles

    Using translation websites are not as   useful of a tool as one might think. In class, we are learning specific vocabulary and grammatical structures. By using a   translation site, the student is not learning or practicing the content covered in class. There is a difference between looking up a word, and translating an entire thought or sentence. Any use of translation sites for extended responses is strictly prohibited and the assignment is subject to failure without a possible make up.

    Look for apps:

                     to practice vocabulary

                     to practice conversational skills

                     to practice pronunciation


                     Translation sites at all costs


    Please be advised:

    Allegany-Limestone Central Middle School

    Education:                                                            Teaching Experience:

    BA Spanish, St. Bonaventure University 1995       Cuba-Rushford Central School Feb.-June 2000 I-IV

    MSEd., St. Bonaventure University 2000               Allegany-Limestone Central School 2000-present 7,

                                                                                     III, IV, V, JCC Spanish 2510 and JCC Spanish 2520                                                                

    Commonly used websites:

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